Artist and designer Lesley Myrick for hire!
I like your art! How can I purchase it? 
Well, thanks! Original collages (including custom personalized collages with your favorite quote or photos), art prints of my previous collages, and adorable blank greeting cards are available at the Lesley Myrick Etsy Shop.

Why do you do collage art? 
Because art matters. Your story matters. Words, images, colors, textures...individually they are beautiful. But arranged and re-arranged, collaged into something new - the sum is greater than the whole, and a transformation takes place from the mundane into the magical where individual pieces become threads woven into in your story.

I need an awesome wedding invitation / pretty graphics for my blog / help decorating my apartment / someone to inject a little style into my life. What other services do you offer?
Lesley Myrick Art + Design offers custom collages, interior design consulting, and graphic design services.

+ Interior design consulting includes space planning; selection of furniture, finishes, and accessories; assistance with styling the finished space; and professional organization (if required). Please note that in-person interior design services are only offered locally in the Pasadena, CA area; however, virtual design consulting is available worldwide.

+ Graphic design services include logo design; website and blog graphics (blog headers, badges, etc); small business design (business cards, letterhead, apparel, etc.); album artwork and design; and event invitation/announcement design (weddings, graduations, birth announcements, etc).

How much do you charge?
That depends on the project. For a quote on an interior design or graphic design project, please email lesley@lesleymyrick.com with Quote Request in the subject line and a brief overview of your project. Graphic design projects are quoted at a flat rate, and interior design projects are billed at an hourly rate. For art pieces, please take a look at my Etsy shop for pricing. (Custom artwork sizes are available - please email for a quote.)

I can see from your blog that you're an artist, but what qualifications and experience do you have in interior design and graphic design?
I have a diploma in Interior Design and graduated with honors. My experience (in Toronto, Canada) includes residential design with a high-profile boutique firm; freelancing for several local designers; photo styling for magazines; television set design; managing a high-end fabric and trim showroom; and managing a busy couture drapery workroom. I've also been freelancing in collage art and graphic design since 2005, and selected projects include logo design and branding for Becky Freeman Interior Design; album art for WorshipRises; and album design, apparel graphics, and web graphics for CTI Music Ministries. For more details you can view my resume here.

Where can I see examples of your previous interior design / graphic design work?
You can view samples of my previous art and design work in my online portfolio here.

What's it like working with you?
Take a look at these testimonials for some feedback from former clients.

Where is your business located?
Currently, Lesley Myrick Art + Design is located in sunny Pasadena, California. (I'm originally from Toronto, Canada, and spent a couple of years based in Minnesota. I like to travel!) Art, graphic design, and writing projects are welcome from all over the world.

How long will my project take to complete?
Each project is unique and will have a different timeframe:
+ Art prints are mailed out within five days of confirmed payment.
+ Custom personalized collages usually require two weeks to create.
+ Graphic design projects will vary based on complexity, but are usually completed within three weeks.
+ Interior design projects can span weeks or months, depending on the client's needs and availability.
+ Writing timelines depend on the scope of the project.
If you have a specific timeline or deadline in mind, please let me know so we can work together accordingly!

Once my art or graphic design project is completed and paid for, do I have full usage rights?
For graphic design projects, you will have full usage rights and may use the designs in any way you see fit. With custom personalized collages or art prints, they are for your personal use only and Lesley Myrick Art + Design retains the copyright for the images.

I think we're a good fit. Let's work together! How do I submit payment?
+ Payment can be made via Paypal to lesley@lesleymyrick.com.
+ Full payment is due upon purchase of custom collages or art prints.
+ A 50% deposit is required to initiate a graphic design project, with the balance due upon project completion before delivery of final files.
+ A deposit is required to initiate an interior design project (with the amount to be determined based on the scope of the project). Invoices will be sent monthly for design hours, with payment due upon receipt.

I have a question that you didn't answer here. How will I ever get the answer?
Please feel free to ask me - I'd be happy to chat with you! I can be reached by email at lesley@lesleymyrick.com or through the contact form. Thanks!

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