About Lesley Myrick
Lesley Myrick is an artist, designer, and adventurer with a love for short hairdos, ice cream, leather jackets, and great typography. Hailing from Canada with British heritage and now living in sunny California, she's married to (and has a matching tattoo with) a devastatingly handsome American with an affinity for slicked-back hair and pipe smoking, and is the mama of a sweet little dude named Ford who arrived in January 2014. She's an INFJ and her top 5 strengths are empathy, responsibility, developer, adaptability, and connectedness.

Her passions for interior design, collage art, and graphic design are the foundation of her multi-faceted career - by day she's an interior designer and stylist for a major retailer; and by night she's a collage artist and graphic designer who craftily conquers an array of freelance art and design projects, curates an Etsy shop, and takes time to smell the cupcakes (she prefers them to roses). She believes in loving others with grace, in doing her creative best, and in going the extra mile. She would love to work with you on your next creative project, so please send her your inquiries and sign up for email updates!

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