Lovely Web Links: February 28, 2013

Lovely Web Links Including Art Prints by Kris Atomic
It's been a good week around the internets...get ready for a whole lotta lovely web links!

+ Kris Atomic has re-opened her shop!

+ Gorgeous discarded books

+ The importance of a great headshot

+ On intention in design. 

+ An amazing free font resource!

+ When you work for hire, who owns your designs?

+ Incredibly useful graphic and web design bookmarks (including Photoshop Etiquette, which I love!).

+ How blogging opens the door to friendship and career opportunities. 

+ How to handle email overload.

+ Gemma Correll's illustrations always crack me up. 

+ I'll be at the Design Bloggers Conference this coming week - will I see you there?

+ Are you an Arrested Development fan? Then you should be following this hilarious Twitter account, and definitely checking out this GIF.

Happy Thursday!

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