Inspiration Exists...

Inspiration exists but it has to find you working - Picasso quote
...but it has to find you working.

I'm slowly getting back to my full-time job and freelance projects, and a little trip to the art supply store definitely helped get my mojo flowing again. I've been intentional about blocking off chunks of time for creative projects, and even if I'm not "feeling it", I'm doing my best to just show up. (Because really, just showing up is the secret.)
Collage art supplies
Here's to showing up, and trusting the creative inspiration will come. 

Happy Friday!

PS. Don't new art supplies just do something magical for your creativity? If "working" involves buying pretty new papers and tape, count me in!

Learning How to Sail

Illustration by emilymcdowelldraws

Slowly but surely, I'm learning how to sail through this challenging time.

Happy Monday. xo

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