Hello from Las Vegas!

I'm off to Las Vegas today for work, with $1 in my pocket to gamble at the airport slots and win big! Back tomorrow to announce a fun new photography project for August that I'm taking part in. xo

Happy Tuesday!

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Life Lately: July 27, 2012

This week: I'm just happy to have my husband home. 

Happy Friday!

Lovely Web Links: July 26, 2012

+ Designlovefest has a new weekly Dress Your Tech series with free downloadable desktop wallpapers. Woohoo! Find the first ones here and here. (Edit: this week's new wallpapers just went up, and they're my favorite yet!)

+ Speaking of cool ways to dress your tech...Poolga and Screenfunk both feature free artist-designed wallpapers for the iPhone and iPad.

+ I'm loving the illustration style of Stephen Wildish (and I especially love this - ha!). 

+ For anyone that's every read resumes of hopeful job applicants (or really, for anyone that's ever written a resume) - 12 totally ridiculous resume mistakes

Happy Thursday!

Recent Graphic Design Projects

I'm working on re-vamping my portfolio to include more graphic design projects - I've been busy lately with album designs and layouts, concert posters, and creating blog headers! Here's a peek at a promotional poster designed for a client's fundraising concert (above); and a flyer for an upcoming gig by indie artist Todd Hoover.
I'm currently accepting freelance graphic design and art projects. Contact me for more info!

Happy Monday!

Font Snobs, Unite!

Have a lovely weekend my friends! Have any big plans? I get my husband back tomorrow (he's been away for 6 weeks) - woohoo!

Happy Friday!

Lovely Web Links: July 19, 2012

+ Have you ever bought flea-market furniture and weren't sure how to give it a makeover? Here's everything you need to know about reupholstering vintage furniture

+ If you've never seen Anthropologie's blog, it's worth a peek. Super cute and stylish, naturally. 

+ This is basically my mantra.

+ "You're beautiful and a unique snowflake. But does your personal brand honestly reflect that?" Your best brand asset is understanding yourself. A truly insightful read for indie business owners. 

+ Blogger users - you can now create your own permalinks for your posts! This means you have control over what the URL of each of your posts will be. (This is great for SEO!)

24 famous fonts you can download for free. The Harry Potter nerd in me is super stoked.

+ Speaking of Harry Potter - "your mom" jokes with Dumbledore!

Happy Thursday!

You ARE An Artist

"Because I'm a self-taught artist, I often wonder if people will realize that maybe I don't really know what I'm doing. But then I remember I actually do know what I'm doing."       - Marisa Anne of Creative Thursday

Happy Tuesday, you talented creative person. xo

Design Videos with Lesley + Lamps Plus

When I'm not making collage art, baking cupcakes, or making friends with random cats, I spend most of my days at a pretty sweet fulltime job with Lamps Plus. In addition to blogging for their new sales site, 55 Downing Street, we've just started a new project creating short videos with interior design basics, helpful tips, and info about current styles and trends. Why am I telling you this, you ask? Because yours truly is one of the lucky designers starring in these YouTube webisodes. Check out all the videos on the Lamps Plus Youtube channel (there are many more to come), or for specific Lesley-centric videos (you know you want to see me strutting my awkward stuff on camera!), find them here and here

[Behind the scenes photos by Michael Murphy]

Happy Monday!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday from me and my new cat-friend! (I have named him Pony. He lives outside my building.)  What are your weekend plans? I'm playing keyboards at Mosaic this weekend so I've got rehearsal on Saturday and then most of Sunday will be spent rockin' out at church in downtown Hollywood. There's also Etsy orders to mail, groceries to buy, cats to befriend, and of course, Gossip Girl to watch. 

Have a wonderful weekend. xo

Lovely Web Links: July 12, 2012

[Photo by Susannah Conway]

+ Feeling crafty? Make a DIY geometric paperweight or a super chic belted cape.

+ Are you busy, or just tired? Read The Busy Trap. (via Nubby Twiglet.)

+ Susannah Conway shares her advice and experience in How to Write a Book.

+ A mini-guide to exploring Toronto!

+ I'm loving Elsie's new Photoshop series - check out How to Create Vibrant Color Photographs. (I had no idea how to do this!)

+ And just for fun...the Tao of Pug.

Happy Thursday!

Cupcakes + Wine with Susannah Conway

I have been a fan and follower of UK photographer, blogger, and author Susannah Conway for, like, EVER (see?), and I had the good fortune to grab the last ticket to her LA book event last night! Her most recent title, This I Know: Notes on Unravelling the Heart has been on my wishlist for a while, and after hearing her read from it in her enviously chic British accent, I'm definitely going to have to purchase it shortly. Hosted by the lovely Marisa Anne in her charming West Hollywood studio, the event was nothing short of fabulous - wine, cupcakes, creative-minded ladies, and of course, Miss Susannah. We chatted about the British Monarchy, marrying Americans (which I highly recommend), Victoria Beckham, and our introverted nature as artists and bloggers. She is sweet, open, honest, with just a touch of British sass (and an F-bomb dropped in every now and then). I love her. 

I love that the internet makes it possible to connect with inspiring artists and bloggers - Susannah and I have been in contact with each other via TwitterFacebook, and our blogs a little bit over the past few years, so it was such a delight to meet her in person. (And she knew my name! Dude. That's awesome.)

Susannah, YOU are awesome. I mean that.

Happy Thursday!

Etsy Shop Makeover!

Good morning! I gave my Etsy shop a little makeover this weekend - new product photos, a new banner, and just an overall "freshening up". (It feels so good to take a little time and polish your look, - online or offline - doesn't it?) Take a peek - hope you like!

Happy Monday!

Life Lately: July 6, 2012

This week: listing a new 8x10 collage print in my Etsy shop (check it out here!); enjoying a fancy breakfast of aebleskiver (little round Danish pancakes - yum!); appreciating the gorgeous California greenery; taking in a Fourth of July Dodger's game; and soaking in some awesome new business reading material. (FYI - despite one of the books being titled Mom Inc., I assure you I am not knocked up. I'm baby free since '83, y'all.)

Are you on Instagram too? Let's connect! I'm @lesleymyrick.

Have a lovely weekend!

Hand-Lettering Love

[Hand-lettered illustration by Lisa Congdon

Seriously, can I tell you how much I love the hand-lettering of artist Lisa Congdon? She's on day 186 of a 365 day project...now that's what I call dedication to your craft!

Happy Thursday!

July 4th = National Cupcake Day, Right?

Happy Independence Day Amurrrica! (And happy belated Canada Day, my friends and family from the north!) I have decided to celebrate the Fourth of July by baking cupcakes and making the most rocking cream cheese frosting. Naturally.
Happy Wednesday!

Indie Business: Make it Easy to Get Social

[Photo by Rue Magazine]

Bloggers, artistpreneurs, and indie business owners - when a visitor comes to your website or blog, is it easy for them to find out how to contact you and connect with you via social media? If not, you're losing valuable relationships, customers, blog readers - and ultimately - sales.

A little back story here...last week as part of my full-time grown-up job, I had a list of 100 blogs to visit and make sure our company was following them on all our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.) These were blogs with a Google Page Rank of 4 or higher - meaning they were established blogs with significantly-sized audiences. And dudes, I was seriously SHOCKED at the number of blogs that made me search high and low for any way to contact the author. If it weren't a work task, I wouldn't have bothered trying to connect with most of them because they made it so complicated to find out how to reach them! I don't care how beautiful your blog is - if it's not functioning properly and your audience can't find out how to connect with you, you're failing your readers and losing valuable relationships - which translates into valuable sales!

Here's an indie business tip from me to you: make it easy to get social. Ensure that links to your social media sites and email address are easy to find and clearly visiblenear the top of the page ("above the fold") is best. (On my blog, they're all at the very top of the left-hand sidebar, and I also have a simple Contact page linked in the top navbar.). You don't need to overwhelm your readers and scatter links everywhere, or in each post - but if your audience can quickly and easily find out how to connect with you, you will gain a loyal audience that you can not only connect with via your blog, but also on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Did you find this tip valuable? Tweet it here and share the love!

So - how do you share your social media links and engage your audience to connect? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Monday!

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