Recent Graphic Design Projects

I'm working on re-vamping my portfolio to include more graphic design projects - I've been busy lately with album designs and layouts, concert posters, and creating blog headers! Here's a peek at a promotional poster designed for a client's fundraising concert (above); and a flyer for an upcoming gig by indie artist Todd Hoover.
I'm currently accepting freelance graphic design and art projects. Contact me for more info!

Happy Monday!

You ARE An Artist

"Because I'm a self-taught artist, I often wonder if people will realize that maybe I don't really know what I'm doing. But then I remember I actually do know what I'm doing."       - Marisa Anne of Creative Thursday

Happy Tuesday, you talented creative person. xo

Design Videos with Lesley + Lamps Plus

When I'm not making collage art, baking cupcakes, or making friends with random cats, I spend most of my days at a pretty sweet fulltime job with Lamps Plus. In addition to blogging for their new sales site, 55 Downing Street, we've just started a new project creating short videos with interior design basics, helpful tips, and info about current styles and trends. Why am I telling you this, you ask? Because yours truly is one of the lucky designers starring in these YouTube webisodes. Check out all the videos on the Lamps Plus Youtube channel (there are many more to come), or for specific Lesley-centric videos (you know you want to see me strutting my awkward stuff on camera!), find them here and here

[Behind the scenes photos by Michael Murphy]

Happy Monday!

Etsy Shop Makeover!

Good morning! I gave my Etsy shop a little makeover this weekend - new product photos, a new banner, and just an overall "freshening up". (It feels so good to take a little time and polish your look, - online or offline - doesn't it?) Take a peek - hope you like!

Happy Monday!

Hand-Lettering Love

[Hand-lettered illustration by Lisa Congdon

Seriously, can I tell you how much I love the hand-lettering of artist Lisa Congdon? She's on day 186 of a 365 day that's what I call dedication to your craft!

Happy Thursday!

Indie Business: Make it Easy to Get Social

[Photo by Rue Magazine]

Bloggers, artistpreneurs, and indie business owners - when a visitor comes to your website or blog, is it easy for them to find out how to contact you and connect with you via social media? If not, you're losing valuable relationships, customers, blog readers - and ultimately - sales.

A little back story here...last week as part of my full-time grown-up job, I had a list of 100 blogs to visit and make sure our company was following them on all our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.) These were blogs with a Google Page Rank of 4 or higher - meaning they were established blogs with significantly-sized audiences. And dudes, I was seriously SHOCKED at the number of blogs that made me search high and low for any way to contact the author. If it weren't a work task, I wouldn't have bothered trying to connect with most of them because they made it so complicated to find out how to reach them! I don't care how beautiful your blog is - if it's not functioning properly and your audience can't find out how to connect with you, you're failing your readers and losing valuable relationships - which translates into valuable sales!

Here's an indie business tip from me to you: make it easy to get social. Ensure that links to your social media sites and email address are easy to find and clearly visiblenear the top of the page ("above the fold") is best. (On my blog, they're all at the very top of the left-hand sidebar, and I also have a simple Contact page linked in the top navbar.). You don't need to overwhelm your readers and scatter links everywhere, or in each post - but if your audience can quickly and easily find out how to connect with you, you will gain a loyal audience that you can not only connect with via your blog, but also on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

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So - how do you share your social media links and engage your audience to connect? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Monday!

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