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TWll people about the good you see in them by Heidi Burton
[Art by Heidi Burton]

Happy Wednesday!

Free 'Just Love' iPhone Wallpaper!

Good morning! How about a free iPhone wallpaper to brighten up your Monday? "Just Love" is one of my original collages, available as an art print and in a set of blank greeting cards at my Etsy Shop. And now it's a free wallpaper download to bring some love to your smartphone! This wallpaper was originally offered on Kind Over Matter's 26 Free + Inspirational iPhone Wallpapers From 26 Awesome Etsy Artists.   
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 Happy Monday!

PS. Did you know you can also download a free desktop wallpaper too?

Inspiring Words: Coffee Coffee Coffee

AMEN, COFFEE! I've been waking up super early on weekdays to go running before work (hurrah for being healthy!) and let me tell you, by 9am I need my coffee like nobody's business. 

Happy Wednesday!

Indie Business: Using Quotes in Artwork

Indie Business: Using Quotes in Artwork - Collage by Mae Chevrette Artists can't help but be inspired by the world and words they see around them - but what is the difference between being inspired, and blatantly using someone else's ideas as your own? As an artist whose work is based on the inspiring words and quotes of others (you can see some of my collage art with quotes here), I've been curious about the ethics of using someone else's ideas and words in my creative work. I asked mixed media maven Mae Chevrette for her thoughts on the ethics of using quotes from others in her artwork:

" Ethically, I believe it to be sound as long as the new work is not taking away from the original work in any way and not harming the creative originality, ideas or profit of the original creator. One part of this which is very, very important is giving credit where it is due - to me, the creative credit is just as important as any monetary credit would ever be, so I make sure to always credit the creator and in some cases gain permission if at all possible (as with a new piece I'm working on which quotes a pro surfer - awesome dude who I was even more inspired by after getting a hold of him!). I have seen takes on my work and words that made me very appreciative and humble, and also blatant copies that made me very upset. Additionally, it is obvious when a work is made as an homage to an original work, and obvious when it is made as a cheap copy or desperate attempt at originality. I think in their hearts most people can look at a work and know which is which, and that makes a huge difference in whether it is acceptable or not."

Indie Business: Using Quotes in Artwork - Collage by Mae Chevrette
[Photo and artwork by Mae Chevrette] 

Readers - what are your thoughts on using quotes or ideas from others in artwork? Have you ever struggled with defining the line between inspiration and imitation? I've love to hear your thoughts on this controversial topic in the comments. Let's chat! 

Much love, 

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Fridays Are For Pretty Photos... least, this Friday is. A little colorful inspiration for your weekend.
Succulent by Sakanta Running Wolf on Flickr Tricia McKellar Photography on Etsy

 Have a lovely weekend!

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Inspiring Words: All You Need

All You Need is Tea and Warm Socks
[Calligraphy by Ornamelle]

 Happy Wednesday!

Indie Business: About.Me

Indie business - social media profile page
You know I love tools to make work smarter, websites prettier, and business easier. So when I heard about last week, I knew I had to share the usefulness! is a personal profile page that features just the basics - your name, your photo, a short bio, and links to your social media haunts (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, etc.). I love it because it's simple and uncluttered, yet bold and visually impactful. Here's my page that I just created: Lesley Myrick

5 Tips to Use About.Me Effectively:

+ Include your link in your email signature. Instead of several different links to your social media pages, one simple link does the job. 

+ Write your bio and tags with useful keywords that relate to your blog or business.  In your bio, use 2 or 3 word keywords (like "collage artist") that search engines can understand. In addition to your bio, allows you to create up to 10 "tags" to describe yourself that can be used as search keywords. I've chosen to hide the tags on my profile, but if anyone searches for "interior designer" "collage artist" or "design blogger" my name will come up in an search.

+ Pick a great, hi-res photo of you or your work as your background. Give viewers a clear picture of who you are or what you do instantly (Note: I know I'm currently going against my own advice by not having a photo of me or my work as my background, but I haven't had time to! I believe it's better to get started on something like this than to get hung up on doing it perfectly. Create your profile and tweak it as you go.)

+ Choose fonts and colors for your page that are consistent with the branding and "feel" of your blog or website. The options for fonts are pretty limited on, but using fonts that are consistent in color and similar in style will create a sleek unified look for your personal brand.

+ If you don't have a blog or website, your page can function as a simple homepage. Your link would be great to include on your resume when job searching - directing people to a simple and beautiful profile page with a brief bio and easy navigation links looks polished and professional.

Readers - what do you think of Do you see value in a social media profile page like this in conjunction with your blog or business? Let's chat!

Happy Monday!

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