12 Goals for 2012: Buy Fresh Flowers

Lesley Myrick Collage Artist and Blogger Goals for 2012
Second goal completed, and this wasn't exactly a tough one to do. Because really, what girl doesn't love a fresh and colorful bouquet of flowers to brighten up her kitchen? 

I've now crossed two goals off my list (including wearing red lipstick!), and here are the rest of my 12 goals for 2012.

Happy Wednesday!

Life Lately: February 24, 2012

Lesley Myrick Collage Art
This week: Lookin' stylish while waiting at the DMV (and I'm back there again today!); coming to the realization that I might have a few too many lip products in my purse; and painting my nails my favorite color - BLACK. (And boy, do people have a lot of opinions about black nail polish!)
Lesley Myrick Collage Art Lesley Myrick Collage Art

Happy Friday!

Lovely Web Links: February 23, 2012

Interior design by Betsy Burnham, Los Angeles
+ This week, I interviewed one of my favorite interior designers, Betsy Burnham.

+ I just discovered the blog of Kelli Murray, and I'm pretty sure she's my new favorite painter/illustrator/designer/stylish gal. (Let's be friends, okay Kelli?)

+ Pinterest introduces NOPIN - coding that website owners can embed in their HTML to stop people from pinning their copyrighted images. Thoughts?

+ I'm a bit of a grammar freak. This e-card and this comic totally made me bust a gut.

Happy Thursday!

Tell People...

TWll people about the good you see in them by Heidi Burton
[Art by Heidi Burton]

Happy Wednesday!

Creative Inspiration: Hollywood Graffiti

Hollywood Graffiti
I came across the work of artist Greg Auerbach at a cafe in Hollywood a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with his "Hollywood Graffiti". Auerbach spray paints portraits of film icons over a collage of materials that relate to the actor's career, interests, life, and art. I love the depth and history these pieces have, as well as their urban graphic appeal. 
Hollywood Graffiti - Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Graffiti - James Dean Hollywood Graffiti - Clint Eastwood Hollywood Graffiti - Elizabeth Taylor

Happy Tuesday!

Free 'Just Love' iPhone Wallpaper!

Good morning! How about a free iPhone wallpaper to brighten up your Monday? "Just Love" is one of my original collages, available as an art print and in a set of blank greeting cards at my Etsy Shop. And now it's a free wallpaper download to bring some love to your smartphone! This wallpaper was originally offered on Kind Over Matter's 26 Free + Inspirational iPhone Wallpapers From 26 Awesome Etsy Artists.   
Description of Photo
 [Click the wallpaper image to view full-size and download.]

Like this? Please click the links below to share the free downloadin' love on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and (my personal favorite!) Pinterest.

 Happy Monday!

PS. Did you know you can also download a free desktop wallpaper too?

Life Lately: February 17, 2012

The Week in Pictures
This week: eating far too many Valentine's sweets; furthering my obsession with lip gloss with the arrival of two pretty new shades in the mail from my mom; and starting an early-morning running routine (mostly to counteract the eating of too many Valentine's sweets).
The Week in Pictures
The Week in Pictures
The Week in Pictures

How was your week?

 Happy Friday!

Lovely Web Links: February 16, 2012

Monochromatic interior on Decor8
+ Is Pinterest the new Napster? Also, great information for bloggers and people who use Pinterest.

+ The FUNNEST photo editor! Pixlr is like a web-based (and free!) Photoshop that also does amazing vintage effects.

+ More photo fun - Instagram style Photoshop actions.

+ Bloggers: 6 powerful guest post tactics that no one's talking about.

+ The stupid things you do online (and how to fix them).

+ A gorgeous monochromatic black and white home. Swoon!

+ Photoshopping of women's bodies taken to the extreme - The Venus Project.

Happy Thursday!

Inspiring Words: Coffee Coffee Coffee

AMEN, COFFEE! I've been waking up super early on weekdays to go running before work (hurrah for being healthy!) and let me tell you, by 9am I need my coffee like nobody's business. 

Happy Wednesday!

Creative Inspiration: Velvet Morning

Vintage portrait collage art by Velvet Morning
Vintage portraits + mixed media collages = UH-MA-ZING. I'm loving the retro vibe and ethereal feel of these pieces by Velvet Morning.
Vintage portrait collage art by Velvet Morning Vintage portrait collage art by Velvet Morning Vintage portrait collage art by Velvet Morning Vintage portrait collage art by Velvet Morning Vintage portrait collage art by Velvet Morning
[Artwork by Velvet Morning on Etsy]

Happy Valentine's Day!

Indie Business: Using Quotes in Artwork

Indie Business: Using Quotes in Artwork - Collage by Mae Chevrette Artists can't help but be inspired by the world and words they see around them - but what is the difference between being inspired, and blatantly using someone else's ideas as your own? As an artist whose work is based on the inspiring words and quotes of others (you can see some of my collage art with quotes here), I've been curious about the ethics of using someone else's ideas and words in my creative work. I asked mixed media maven Mae Chevrette for her thoughts on the ethics of using quotes from others in her artwork:

" Ethically, I believe it to be sound as long as the new work is not taking away from the original work in any way and not harming the creative originality, ideas or profit of the original creator. One part of this which is very, very important is giving credit where it is due - to me, the creative credit is just as important as any monetary credit would ever be, so I make sure to always credit the creator and in some cases gain permission if at all possible (as with a new piece I'm working on which quotes a pro surfer - awesome dude who I was even more inspired by after getting a hold of him!). I have seen takes on my work and words that made me very appreciative and humble, and also blatant copies that made me very upset. Additionally, it is obvious when a work is made as an homage to an original work, and obvious when it is made as a cheap copy or desperate attempt at originality. I think in their hearts most people can look at a work and know which is which, and that makes a huge difference in whether it is acceptable or not."

Indie Business: Using Quotes in Artwork - Collage by Mae Chevrette
[Photo and artwork by Mae Chevrette] 

Readers - what are your thoughts on using quotes or ideas from others in artwork? Have you ever struggled with defining the line between inspiration and imitation? I've love to hear your thoughts on this controversial topic in the comments. Let's chat! 

Much love, 

PS. Connect with Mae and me on Facebook at Mae Chevrette Art and Lesley Myrick Art + Design!

Fridays Are For Pretty Photos...

...at least, this Friday is. A little colorful inspiration for your weekend.
Succulent by Sakanta Running Wolf on Flickr Tricia McKellar Photography on Etsy

 Have a lovely weekend!

PS. I've been hard at work (which is code for "I've been spending hours Googling how to do this") adding new "Tweet" and "Like" buttons at the bottom of each post. If you like what you see, please share with your pals! xo

Lovely Web Links: February 9, 2012

Red velvet hot chocolate by A Beautiful Mess
+ A sweet recipe for Valentine's Day red velvet hot chocolate.

+ An amazing kitchen makeover - for under $200. I'm stunned!

+ I love everything about this outfit (and this blog).

+ What I Wore Today is the illustrator's answer to fashion blogging.

+ Link With Love has a chic black and white Helvetica desktop wallpaper calendar for download.

+ 10 apps for more efficient Tweeting. My favorite is Tweriod - it analyzes the best tweeting times to reach your followers.

What wonderful links did you come across this week?

 Happy Thursday!

Inspiring Words: All You Need

All You Need is Tea and Warm Socks
[Calligraphy by Ornamelle]

 Happy Wednesday!

Creative Inspiration: Michelle Jefferson

One Heart A Day collages by Michelle Jefferson
Collage artist Michelle Jefferson challenged herself to create a new collage every day for a month - each on a 12x12 canvas, each featuring an anatomical heart, and one completed for every day in January. The results are pretty fantastic. You can view the complete One Heart a Day gallery here.
One Heart A Day collages by Michelle Jefferson One Heart A Day collages by Michelle Jefferson One Heart A Day collages by Michelle Jefferson One Heart A Day collages by Michelle Jefferson
 [Artwork by Michelle Jefferson]

Happy Tuesday!

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