Lovely Web Links: September 29, 2012

Lovely Web Links - Tiny Manhattan Apartment on Design Sponge Lovely Web Links on a Saturday? Yes,  it's happening. Enjoy! (Sorry for missing Thursday - it's been a kooky week!)

+ This tiny, light-filled Manhattan apartment is my idea of single-girl heaven.

+ Smart and sassy tips for clothes shopping on a budget.

+ Secrets to finding the best vintage finds at flea markets. I really, really need to go to the Rose Bowl flea market someday soon - it's just a few miles from my apartment!

+ How pretty are these little birdies, drawn and colored only with Sharpies?

+ Spicy chipotle sweet potato soup. Can't wait to try this recipe out this week!

+ "NEVER snicker when the head pastor prays that you or anyone else will be 'penetrated by the Holy Spirit'." Seriously, I love Jamie's blog.

Happy Saturday!

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