Lovely Web Links: September 13, 2012

Lovely web links - wallpaper collage by Ludovica Gioscia
+ The coolest interior design idea I've seen in a while - a wallpaper collage.

+ Speaking of wallpaper - Hermes has a cute interactive desktop wallpaper-maker on their site.

+ Super helpful for Blogger users: all about Blogger search features.

+ Love this profile of Katie Armour from Matchbook magazine. Her office style is so chic and cute.

+ 3 big lies that could be holding your business back.

+ I'm such a grammar nerd. Here are 20 common grammar mistakes almost everyone makes! (Edit: I had previously written "Here are 20 common grammar mistakes almost everyone gets wrong!" - and then my mom pointed out that that statement, is in fact, a grammatical error. If everyone "gets a mistake wrong", then they're technically getting it right, no? Ha.) 

Happy Thursday!

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