Lovely Web Links: July 19, 2012

+ Have you ever bought flea-market furniture and weren't sure how to give it a makeover? Here's everything you need to know about reupholstering vintage furniture

+ If you've never seen Anthropologie's blog, it's worth a peek. Super cute and stylish, naturally. 

+ This is basically my mantra.

+ "You're beautiful and a unique snowflake. But does your personal brand honestly reflect that?" Your best brand asset is understanding yourself. A truly insightful read for indie business owners. 

+ Blogger users - you can now create your own permalinks for your posts! This means you have control over what the URL of each of your posts will be. (This is great for SEO!)

24 famous fonts you can download for free. The Harry Potter nerd in me is super stoked.

+ Speaking of Harry Potter - "your mom" jokes with Dumbledore!

Happy Thursday!

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