Lovely Web Links: May 17, 2012

+ The best grey paint colors, according to Ryan Gosling. (Who wouldn't want his input when painting a room? This guide would've been super helpful about a year ago, when Nate and I tried to paint our bedroom grey and ended up with lavender. Ugh.) 

+ Elsie shares great (and creative!) tips for getting organized

+ I love Lisa Congdon's 365 Days of Hand Lettering project. This one is particularly lovely. 

+ How to turn your blog into a brand. Great advice from Bri! 

+ Graphic design resources (I love that they're not afraid to spill their secrets!) from a couple of the most talented ladies in the biz. 

How is your week? Come across anything interestawesome? (That was supposed to be a combination of interesting and awesome. It did not work, and is neither interesting or awesome.)

Happy Thursday!

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