Creative Inspiration: Mary Ann Moss

Boy, it's been a while since the last Creative Inspiration post! Do you ever go through phases where you're super inspired, and then the desire tapers off? I have definitely been in an art slump, if you will. Being busy with interior design blogging and social media for work, as well as freelance graphic design projects on the side hasn't left me much space for dreaming about art. But friends, let me just say...June will be ART MONTH! I'll be home by myself for much of the month (Nate is heading back to Minnesota to volunteer with CTI) and I'm looking forward to sprawling out on the living room floor and finishing these canvases, among other things.

Until then, I'm trying to re-kindle my desire to make art. And these gorgeous travel journals by LA artist Mary Ann Moss are kinda doing the trick. Photos + handwriting + travel ephemera = awesome.
[Journals by Mary Ann Moss via Mae Chevrette]

Happy Tuesday!

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