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Lesley Myrick Blog Re Design for 2012
Hi friends! I'm making some little design changes to the blog this weekend, so you may see things moving around or disappearing. I'm working on making things prettier, more user-friendly, and more organized as I prepare to start the new year with new content and new ideas for this sweet little web space. Pardon the'll be worth it in the end!

(Fun fact: above is a photo of me in high school, wearing a pair of Rainbow Brite-inspired super wide leg pants that I made myself. I briefly went through a very colorful "I want to dress like a raver" phase.)

 Happy new year! xo

11 Things in '11: A Year-End Update

Lesley Myrick 11 Things 2011 Goals List
Good morning and happy Wednesday! Thanks for bearing with me this past week during sporadic (or nonexistent) posting. This year is drawing so quickly to an end, and I can't quite believe that it's just about 2012! It feels like it was just yesterday when I sat down to write out my list of goals for the year, and it's already time to start a new list. Since you've been such an integral part of my journey this year, I wanted to share a little year-end update.
Lesley Myrick 2011 New Years Resolutions
1. Subscribe to a new art magazine.
Lesley Myrick Somerset Studio
2. Work in a coffee shop. As a full-time barista I wouldn't be able to pay our California rent, so a volunteer gig will have to do. Doesn't matter, I love it anyway!
Coffee shop at Mosaic Hollywood
3. Submit my art to three blogs for publication.

4. Submit my art prints to three stores.

5. Read five old testament books.  I think I did this. But I'm not sure. I started reading a really helpful version of the bible called The Story, which is the bible re-arranged in chronological order. (THANK YOU, whoever thought of this! My formerly confused brain thanks you.)

6. Submit my art to Somerset Studio.

7. Start a fitness routine (running). Start, yes. Continue? Umm...very irregularly?

8. Get a digital SLR. I couldn't buy a camera (it was way out of my budget this year), but I did get an iPhone. Which has a camera on it. So that's kind of the same, right?

9. Add greeting cards to Etsy shop. DONE! They've only been in my shop a couple of weeks but they're already getting a really positive response. Woohoo!
Blank collage art greeting cards with inspirational quotes and bible verses

10. Volunteer with CTI Music Ministries. We were sweaty, but we loved every minute of it!
Nate and Lesley at CTI Music Ministries

11. Take an art or photography course. Unfortunately I didn't have the finances for this (moving across the country while unemployed and taking a couple of months to find a job will do that) but I did take the Indie Biz course earlier this year, which was awesomely inspiring and insightful.
Indie Business 3.0
It's funny to see what I didn't accomplish - it either involves finances that I didn't have, or involved taking risks I wasn't ready to take. Part of me is a little disappointed in myself that I didn't do some of the things I set out to do - but part of me knows that when it's the right time, I'll do it.

Here's to a fabulous 2012 and starting fresh with new goals!

PS. I'm planning a new blog format in the new year - slightly less frequent posting, but with AWESOMER content (think free downloadable PDF's, artist interviews, creative DIY's and how-to's, more collage art, and small business tips and tricks). Stay tuned for a fabulous 2012!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Nate and Lesley Myrick.
Hi guys! Sorry for the unexpected absence this week - it's been just crazy between work and getting together with friends to celebrate the holidays. I'm looking forward to a long weekend to relax with great friends, eat yummy food, and start new traditions on our first married Christmas together.

Have a safe and happy Christmas, with love from the Myricks! (Who, despite looking a little chilly in this honeymoon photo, are currently living it up in LA and are nowhere near any snow.) xo

Much love,

Big Shop News: Greeting Cards are HERE!

Blank Collage Art Greeting Cards on Etsy Yup, you read that right...blank greeting cards featuring mini prints of my collages are are now available in my Etsy shop! Two different sets of cards with envelopes are available - one with sweet and encouraging quotes, and one with awesome scripture verses. They're printed on super yummy ultra premium professional heavyweight matte paper, and the prints are so rich and gorgeous! (I'm thinking of switching to matte paper for all my art prints now, instead of the luster paper I'm currently using.)
Blank Collage Art Greeting Cards on Etsy Blank Collage Art Greeting Cards on Etsy Blank Collage Art Greeting Cards on Etsy And as a thank you to YOU, my awesome supporters and friends, I'm offering free shipping on anything in my shop until the end of the year with code HAPPYHOLIDAYS2011. US pals, there's still time to order for Christmas! Cards make a great gift. Just sayin'.

Happy Wednesday!

PS. Adding greeting cards to my shop also happens to be goal #9 for my 11 Things in '11. Booyeah!

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