11 Things in '11: Goal Number Two

Lesley Myrick 11 Things 2011 Goals List
It's been my no-so-secret dream to work in a coffee shop, like, FOREVER. And if a full-time job whipping up Frappuccinos and lattes would pay the bills, I'd so be there. But unfortunately, one barista's salary can't really support two people living in the Los Angeles area. (Sad trombone.) But don't you worry...because volunteering at a coffee shop is just as awesome as working at one, and thanks to my church and their cute 'lil coffee bar, I'm totally doing that! If you happen to be in Hollywood on a Sunday morning, stop by and I'll make you a tasty caffeinated drink.
Lesley Myrick
(PS. Here's the complete list of 11 Things in '11, and here are the other goals I've crossed off so far.)

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Wednesday Words: October 19, 2011

Lesley Myrick Wednesday Words Inspirational Quotes
You know what I love? Inspiring quotes that put a spark in your heart. You know what I miss? Sharing a fabulously encouraging quote with you every Wednesday. So here's a little mid-week kickstart for you, my lovely readers who are capable beyond what you even imagine...
Made to order quotable canvas start where you are use what you have do what you can
[By nativevermont on Etsy]

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It's Monday...

...so enjoy a little animated creature while I recover from the awesome wedding weekend in Canada and fly home to California.
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