11 things in '11: goal number one

So, remember that time I made a big fancy list with all my goals for the year? Well baby, I'm getting started on getting 'em done! Goal number one is officially completed - I just got myself a shiny new subscription to Somerset Studio magazine, and I'm beyond excited! Every artist needs a little inspiration, and this publication is just loaded with it. Hooray!
Happy Wednesday my dears! How are your 2011 goals and resolutions coming along?
Much love,

sweet visual treats: mae chevrette

Okay, seriously...be still my beating heart. I just stumbled upon the work of Mae Chevrette, and I am in love! Her mixed media pieces feature inspiring quotes, gorgeous photography, and layers upon layers of pretty things. While you go take a look at Mae's Etsy shop and Flickr, I'll just keep trying to figure out how to make my own art look this awesome...
[Artwork by Mae Chevrette]

Happy Tuesday, lovely!

big news :: etsy shop is open!

Hello dear blog friends!
I'm super pumped today because after a long hiatus (you know, that whole "being in another country without your art and business supplies" thing) I'm finally RE-LAUNCHING MY ETSY SHOP! Visit the shop here for some awesome, affordable art prints or to have a custom collage made with your own words and photos.
And psst...I've created a special coupon code just for you! Enter BLOGREADER at checkout for free US shipping until March 31!
Much love,

sweet visual treats: stacykay

I love love LOVE the background textures in stacykay's work! To see each layer of paint and paper peek through the final piece makes me want to take a brush and create some of this layering magic myself. (And see? Two of her pieces even say "CREATE" on them. I think it's a sign.)
[Photos by stacykay]

Happy Tuesday!
Much love,

sweet visual treats: angellea

I'm loving this mix of digital images with traditional cut-and-paste by artist Angellea (aka. Tracey). Her work is such an awesome mix of tough steampunk elements with a charming and sweet vintage vibe. See more of her work on Flickr or her blog.
[Artwork by Angellea]
Happy Tuesday!
Much love,

sweet visual treats: nayski

Minnesota-based artist Nayski's work is thickly layered with beautiful texture and rich colour. I love when collages have depth like this - you just know that there was great creative exploration happening to arrive at the finished product. See more of Nayski's work on Flickr, blog, and Etsy shop.
Happy Tuesday!
Much love,

sweet visual treats: tWo pInK pOSsuMs

I love the simplicity of straight-up cut-and-paste. There's something very satisfying about gluing layers and layers of pretty things together, and I'm totally digging these interior-inspired mashups by tWo pInK pOSsuMs. It's like having your eyeballs bombarded with an awesome visual flea market.
Happy Tuesday! What pretty things are inspiring your creativity this week? Share in the comments!
Much love,

PS. Indie Business 3.0 starts today! Have you signed up?

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