sweet visual treats: holly neufeld

I've been really inspired by art journals lately - there is such beauty in creating artistic snapshots of everyday thoughts and moments that might otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten. These gorgeous pages are by Holly Neufeld (you can find her on Flickr or on her blog).
Happy Tuesday!
Much love,

sweet visual treats: teesha moore

Teesha Moore makes the most beautiful art journals I have ever seen, full of bold colour, exotic pattern, quirky hand-lettering, and vibrant life. What beauty there is in taking the time to creatively document everyday life! Love love love.
Happy Tuesday!
Much love,

new things for the new year.

Hello lovelies!

Thanks for being patient as I finish up my honeymoon and get my new married life in order! (Note: getting married is awesome, but navigating the murky waters of legally changing your name is not!) I'm so pumped to launch this new blog - it feels like a wonderful creative little baby that's been getting ready to make its way into the world. (I have been planning and looking forward to this for months! MONTHS I tell you!) And now that January 2011 is here, it's finally time. Get ready for 5 days of AWESOME every week! Here's what will be coming into this space:

Next to collage art, photography is my big love. Get ready for some pretty pics (found all around the internets) to make you swoon.

Photos of art and artists that I looooove. A little visual eye candy to encourage your creative spirit.

The "Lesley's dream is to be a super successful self-employed artist" journey will be documented here. I'll be sharing the steps I'm taking, the happy parts, and the sad parts too. It's adventure time!

I love lots of things. And I love lists! Welcome to the place where I list awesome things I love.

A photo or two of my world each week. (Be prepared for lots of pics of my feet in Chucks!)

Also: 11 THINGS IN '11
Let's see if I can accomplish every one of my 11 goals for 2011! Updates will happen periodically (FYI, that's code for 'really randomly').

Okay, you ready? Let's get this thing started. See you Monday!

Much love,

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